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About our Online Network

The Edinburgh and Beyond Home Education Online Network (EBHE) is a way to connect families who are involved in alternative education outside of school.

EBHE is a private, moderated network for families with any age of children - from under fives thinking about home education, to teenagers.  Some families have always home educated, others have taken their children out of school at some point.

Call it what you like - home education, home schooling, real world learning, free range education, unschooling - there is no one right way to home educate.  The families you can meet through EBHE's online network have lots of approaches and we meet in lots of different places to learn and play together. There is almost certainly something for everyone - and if not, any member of the online network can start up something new.

It can be daunting trying to provide a rich, fulfilling, nurturing environment for our children all on our own. It's much more fun together!

Here are just some of the things that have been arranged through EBHE's online network at the moment:

If the activity your child wants isn’t being organized yet, EBHE allows you to find other people with the same interests.

EBHE is also a space for online discussions, from how to make play dough to how to do maths, from where to get free craft stuff to finding homes for kittens. Children who are 9 and older can have their own EBHE account, and some of the groups are set up and run by the children themselves. There is also scope for private groups.

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